AirMore File Transfer

AirMore File Transfer

   Friends, today I will tell you what is the AirMore File Transfer app and what does its work. AirMore is an app by which we can transfer all types of files from mobile to computer and as well as computer to mobile without any data cable, and you can also listen and watch MP3 and Video into computer directly without copy it. Through AirMore app you can take full control of your mobile on the computer. For example app, contacts, setting, MP3, Video etc. Many times the data cable in our computer does not connect or support, but by using AirMore, you can get rid of the data cable in the computer. I think you have understood what is the work of AirMore File Transfer app. Now let’s tell you how to activate AirMore in computer and mobile. It is very easy to activate AirMore, so let’s start.

How to connect AirMore

For using the AirMore, Follow these methods for connecting-

Method – 1

Step – 1   First of all open your Play Store and search by typing AirMore & install it in your mobile.

Step – 2   Now click on Start button and then click on Hotspot settings.

After clicking on Hotspot settings, You see next screen which is given below. In this screen you have to copy the IP address and fill this IP  address in your PC.

After filling this IP address in PC, a new screen is show on mobile and you have to click on Accept option.

Now your mobile will start displaying on PC screen and you can easily access your mobile on PC. You can see photos, videos, songs, app, contacts, data etc. of your mobile on PC and can also copy and paste all those data from mobile to pc and from pc to mobile. Your screen will look like the image shown below


Method – 2

Step – 1   First of all open your Play Store and search by typing AirMore & install it in your mobile.
Step – 2   Now open your browser in laptop and type AirMore web. On opening the AirMore site, you will see a QR code on the screen.


Step – 3   To scan this QR code, open AirMore app in your mobile. Click on Start option and choose WiFi settings. Open Wi-Fi & close AirMore app. After closing this app, open it again. Click on Scan to connect option.

After scanning your mobile is connected to your PC.

AirMore Videos Function

AirMore videos function is a great helper for you to manage all videos easily on web. Next, let’s see what its functions are.

Transfer Videos-

On AirMore Web, you could easily transfer videos between mobile device and computer without USB.

The way to transfer videos from mobile device to PC:

  1. Click the “Videos” icon on the left part of the web.
  2. Choose the videos.
  3. Click “Download” button.

Note for Android users: the videos will be compressed as a zip file once you download more than three.

The way to transfer videos from PC to mobile device:

  1. Click “Upload” button.
  2. Select the videos from the computer.
  3. Click “Open”.

Play Videos-

You can directly open and view the videos on the browser. You only need to put the mouse on the top of one video, and click the “play” icon or double click the video. While playing, you are able to do the following operations.

  1. Play / Pause
  2. Adjust the volume.
  3. Regulate the process
  4. View in full screen

Note The playing performance depends on the speed of your Lan/W-LAN. If it functions well, the video will play smoothly.

Delete Videos-

If you have unwanted videos, you can delete them on AirMore Web conveniently.

  1. To delete one, you can put the mouse on it and click the “Delete” icon under the video.
  2. To delete more, you may select them and click the “Delete” button on top.


AirMore Pictures Function

When you have countless pictures on your phone, to manage them is really a headache. Luckily, AirMore can assist you in managing all of them from PC browser easily. AirMore “Pictures” function empowers you to wirelessly transfer pictures from PC to mobile device and the other way around. Moreover, it allows you to appreciate your photos on computer screen with better visual effect.

Transfer Pictures-

If you want to transfer photos from mobile device to PC, you should:

  1. Click the “Pictures” icon on the left side of the webpage.
  2. Select the pictures to transfer (Click a picture to choose one, and check the circle above to choose all).
  3. Click “Download” button on top.

Note for Android users: If you transfer less than 3 photos, they would be downloaded separately. But for photos more than 3, they would be compressed into a zip file.

If you would like to move images from PC to mobile device, you can:

  1. Click “Upload” button.
  2. Choose the images in the computer.
  3. Click “Open”.

View Pictures-

On AirMore Web, you will have a fancy experience of viewing pictures.

• Two checking ways:

  1. Click “My Photo” icon on the top right corner, and you can check your photos taken by phone camera in chronological order.
  2. Click “My albums” icon, and you can check pictures by different folders.

• Three viewing modes:

  1. Thumbnail mode. After clicking “Pictures”, you can view the thumbnails of the photos on web.
  2. Previewing mode. Put the cursor on a picture, and click the eye icon under it. Then you will preview it in bigger size. You may click the operation buttons under the picture to get a better visual effect, including zooming in/out and rotate left/right.
  3. Slide show mode. When you are previewing the pictures, you can click the “Play” button below and start the slide show. And you can change the switching time freely.

Delete Pictures-

While deleting many pictures on small phone screen is annoying, doing it on the computer is winking. On AirMore Web, in order to remove unwanted pictures, all you need to do is several clicks.

  1. To delete one photo, put the cursor on it and click the “delete” icon.
  2. To delete many, it is also very simple. Select all the images to delete. Click the “Delete” button on top. Click “Yes”.


AirMore Reflector Function

With the constant updates of AirMore, it has become more and more powerful. Apart from its main function in file transfer and management, it is also empowered with other practical features, such as sending messages, displaying phone information and so on. Besides, this free tool can also use your Android screen to PC using Reflector function.

Display Phone Screen on Web-

After you successfully connect your Android to AirMore Web, follow the process below:

  1. Click the “Reflector” icon on the webpage.
  2. A notification will show up on your Android. Tap “START NOW”.
  3. You can skip this step by checking “Don’t show again”.

Then you can see your Android screen on the computer. It will display whatever happens on your mobile in real time. As long as your internet condition is good, the streaming can be very fluent.

Take Screenshot-

Once your phone screen is reflected on PC, you can take screenshot any time you want.

  1. Choose where you would like to save the screenshots by clicking the third icon under the Reflector.
  2. Afterwards, just click the camera icon under the Reflector.

If you choose to save the screenshots to phone, you will see a window saying “Take screenshot successfully”. And you can find them under the “Screenshot” folder in the Gallery. If you choose to save them to computer, they will be downloaded into the folder you appointed.

View Mobile in Full Screen-

You are also able to watch your phone in full-screen mode. Just click the second icon under the Reflector. Furthermore, if you rotate your phone, the screen on web will do the same automatically. It gives you a great visual effect when you play games or watch a movie. With this Reflector feature, you can get an amazing user experience when using AirMore. How cool it is to wirelessly mirror your Android screen to PC! Have a try by yourself.

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