Fast Finder, Find everything in a second in your mobile

Fast Finder, Find everything in a second in your mobile

      As the mobile capacities are increase, its storage capacity is also increase. Due to being more space we store many things in our mobile. Like as Photos, PDF files, Movies, Songs, Documents, Contacts, Apps etc. but the problem arises when we do not remember where we have stored our important pictures, files, pages, folders or other things, and many times we have a lot of hurry and we do not get the item saved by us. We will told about the way to overcome all these problems, There is a app on Google Play Store, which is search everything in less than a second and show on your screen. The name of that app is “Fast Finder”.


     The “Fast Finder” app on Google Play Store allows any file in the phone to be easily searchable. It used to show all the files in one place, just like the computer. For example, if you want to find a photo, you will go to the photo section of the media file, while the video for the video will go into the section and search the phone book to search the contact.

     But when you don’t know where is your file photo or a contact, then how to search. In this case, “Fast Finder” can prove to be a good option for you. Just type the name in its search bar, after which this app will present all the files related to that name on the screen in sequence. This is a light version app.
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