Google Doodle will give you Rs 5 Lakh

Google Doodle will give you Rs 5 Lakh

     Friends which search engine do you use to search on the internet? May be your answer is Google. Today you have to search for anything, so people says Go on Google. Some people think Google is the Internet because Google is So much Popular search engine. So that when you go to search anything on google, You see Beautiful Designs on the top. It’s displays a Special Event of that day, this is Doodle. Any person who wants to talk to the world through his art, then the Internet is a good option. Through the drawing, painting and sketch on the Internet, the artist can keep his whole thing in front of the world and Google’s Doodle is also a huge platform for this. Through Google doodle, you can put your art in front of the whole world. 

How To Start Google’s Doodles :-

     Doodles started in 1998. Google founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin were once the Burning Man who was going to attend the Festivals held in the United States. He wanted to tell through a sketch that he was out of the office. Say this or similarly the doodle begins.

Google Announcement :-

     Google news: Google announced the 2018 Doodle 4 Google Scholarship Program on Monday. This program is for all students from all over the country who want to take scholarships. Under this program, you have to make Google doodle. This year Google’s doodle theme is “What Inspires You”. In other words, where do you get inspiration?

Scholarship of Google Doodle :-

     This Google doodle is meant to be made using G-o-o-g-l-e and watercolor, graphics design and crayon can be used. The winner of the doodle will get Scholarship of Rs 5 lakhs. Also the winner’s doodle will be placed on Google’s home page on the day of the children’s day.

Google Doodle Contest :-

     In this scholarship competition, children from class 1 to 10 can participate and the last date for participating is 6 October 2018. Let’s say the first edition of Google Doodle was made in 2009 and its theme was My India. If you also want to take part in this ‘Google Doodle Contest’, you can fill out the form by clicking on this link.



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