How to Access my Computer From Anywhere

How to Access my Computer From Anywhere

     Many times we think that How to Access my Computer from anywhere because many times we need it very much. It has happened to you that you have prepared a file or presentation with a lot of hard work and when you are submitting your work in the school or office, only then your file has become corrupted, at that time you will think if  I had my PC or Laptop, then I can solved this problem. Or Many times you are away from your home and you need a very important files or photo which is kept in your computer what will you do then. Or there are many times, some problems in your friend’s computer which you can fix it but you are not there. To overcome many similar problems of this type, I have write this post for solving this type of problems.

     If you want access to someone else’s computer or smart phone, or if you want to give away access to your computer or smart phone to a remote person, then the ‘Team Viewer’ App/Software can help you. Team Viewer Remote Access software is extremely popular among computer engineers. It is available in both free and paid forms. The good thing is that it is not limited to Windows, but also works on Mac, Linux computers and Android Smartphone.

     You can Access your Computer from anywhere from two ways. First from PC/Laptop and Second from your Android Mobile.

Method 1 :- For PC/Laptop-

First of all you have to download ‘Team Viewer Setup’ in your both PCs. (home computer and remote computer) For download ‘Team Viewer Setup’ click on-

‘TeamViewer Setup’

Note– In order to access the computer, you need to download and install this software in both PCs, which is very easy for any person.


Click on ‘DOWNLOAD FOR FREE’ for personal use and after downloading install it. For installing follow the given arrow instructions


After installation, On both sides, run the ‘Team Viewer’ on your computer. There will be two options here. First Allow Remote Control, i.e. your computer has to be accessed remotely by someone else. The second option is Control Remote Computer, i.e. you will remotely access any other computer.


When to control someone else

You will see that in the Allow Remote Control column, some digits will be displayed in front of YOUR ID and PASSWORD. Using these, a person sitting on a distant computer can access your computer. Let them know via phone, SMS or email etc. That’s all you have to do. As soon as that person puts your ID and Password into the Team Viewer present in his computer, the Team Viewer will start and the control of your computer will go to him.

When to control another computer

To do this, ask the ID and PASSWORD shown on the far-off computer. Now in the Control Remote Computer section on your Team Viewer, type their ID where the Partner ID is being asked and click on the Remote Control radio button below. Now press the Connect to partner button. You will see that the computer screen and the files appearing on it have changed. Actually this is the screen of the computer that you wanted to access from a distance. Now whatever you are doing (create files, copy-paste, run software, make settings, etc.) is happening on your computer, not on your computer.

NOTE – Internet access is used as a medium in remote access. It requires that the computers on both sides be turned on and on both the internet connection is turned on.


Method 2 :- For Android Mobile-

Now the ‘Team Viewer’ applications have come for remote access to smartphones and tablets. You can use it to control not only Android but also IOS gadgets (iPad, iPhone) from your computer. The way is almost the same as the computer. Hopefully you’ve already installed ‘Team Viewer’ on your computer using the steps above. Now is the need to do the same thing in your smart phone / tablet.

If you use the Android Phone, then on Google Play Store and if using the iPad / iPhone, then download and install the TeamViewer for Remote Control app by visiting App Store.



Now run the Team Viewer in the computer and on the other hand start the Team Viewer for Remote Control  App in your smart phone / tablet. Your Id will be provided as soon as Team Viewer launches in your mobile phone. Each time you run this application, a new ID is provided.

Write the ID that appears on the mobile phone in the Control Remote Device section, where the Partner ID is being asked in the Team Viewer software running on your computer. Now click on the Remote Control radio button below and press Connect to partner button.


On the other hand, there will be a message on your smart phone / tablet that a computer wants to access it remotely. Allow remote control? Choose the Allow option when the question comes up. By doing this, you will see a picture of your smart phone on a remote computer. Using the mouse and keyboard, you will be able to access the files, folders, apps etc. on it.

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