How to change Pen Drive icon with your Photo

How to change Pen Drive icon with your Photo

     Pen Drive is a very useful storage device. This device’s usage is usually used to save data or to copy the data from one device to another, with this you can also install windows operating system from Pen Drive. Everybody knows what Pen Drive is and what is the use of it, you will also know well, but you must have seen that whenever you insert your pen drive or inserts into a laptop, then its icon is always looks the same. If you want to change your icon of your pen drive and apply your photo, Today I will tell you How to change Pen Drive icon with your Photo and make your pen drive apart from other drives.

1.     Change the formate of photo

Firstly, You have to select a photo whom want to put on your pen drive. Then right-click on the photo and select Edit option. After that click on File and then Save as, write whatever name you want to give to this photo, after that you will be shown the format of the image. In it you have to select the .bmp format and click on Save.

2.     Open a text document file

Now you have to open a text document file. For this, you have to go on desktop and right-click on it and select text document. When it opens, then you have to type two-line code in it. In the first line [autorun] then you will have to type icon = ms.bmp in the line below it, in place of ms you have to write the name of your photo (By the name you saved the photo). After that go to the save as option and save the file by the name of  autorun.inf  and file type all files.

3.     Copy both files into pen drive

After editing the photo and text file, you have to copy these two files into the pen drive. Now your process is complete. You have to remove your pen drive and put it again. Now you will see that in the place of the pen drive icon your photo will show up.

     If you delete these two files from the pen drive then the default icon of pen drive will be displayed again. If you want that both of these files are not displayed in the pen drive and your photo is displayed in place of the icon, then you can hide these two files in the pen drive.


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