Use On-Screen Keyboard For Typing, After Keyboard Not Working

Use On-Screen Keyboard For Typing, After Keyboard Not Working

   An on-screen keyboard is a virtual keyboard that is available in most operating systems, especially Microsoft Windows. An on-screen keyboard allows users to type text using a  mouse or pointing device. Apart from improving the input options for physically challenging users, it also acts as an alternative to a physical keyboard.

   If computer or laptop’s keyboard not working, but if you have to fill some required work or any online work then you can use On-Screen Keyboard for typing which is alrady preloaded in the computer. This keyboard is run with the help of a mouse. Apart from this, to write or type an article quickly, some extensions may help you to convert the voice into text.

How to search on-screen keyboard

It is very easy to find an On-Screen Keyboard, There are two ways- First from Control Panel, Second from Taskbar, You can type it by clicking on it with the mouse. It will show all the buttons that are used in typing.

Find from Control Panel

First of all go to the Control Panel and click on Ease of Access then click on Ease of Access Center and finaly click on Start On-Screen Keyboard.


Find from Taskbar

First of all go to the Taskbar and Right Click on it then go to Tollbars and click on Touch Keyboard option.


After click on Touch Keyboard option You will see a keyboard. Click on it and then you will see Keyboard on the screen.


How to type if mouse click is not work

The question often comes when how the mouse click will not work, how to type. This problem has also been solved in the on-screen keyboard. For example, the mouse cursor must be taken over the letter that you want to type. If you want to type P as an example, take the cursor over to P and keep it few time. After this, the letter will be automatically typed without clicking. For this, change the ‘settings’ of the on-screen keyboard.

Click on ‘Option’ for setting

Click on ‘Option’ on the bottom right side of the on-screen keyboard. After that there will open a new window screen. In this, the fourth number will be the option of ‘hover over keys’, click on it. After this, there will be an option to choose the time. The time in which the mouse is typed on a letter, it will automatically be typed. It can do less and more. Then click on the ‘OK’ button below. While changing the settings, the mouse click button in good condition.


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