What is IP & How to check IP Address

What is IP & How to check IP Address

Hello Friends, Today we will tell you How to check IP address. Before checking IP address, we will know a few things about IP address, it would be great for you because you and all of us today use the internet by computer or mobile every day, and almost complete all our work with the help of the internet. But we have many information related to the Internet that do not know. So before checking an IP address  we will know What is IP address.

What is IP Address

Internet Protocol Address (or IP address) is a unique address of every device connected to the network (such as computers, servers, printers, smartphones) to send data to a particular device on the network, and they use the Internet Protocol for communication are there. This is a method or protocol, through which data is sent from one device to another on the Internet. Every device connected to the network must have a unique IP address. Without your device’s unique address, you can not communicate with other devices, users, and computers on the network or the Internet.

Format of IP Address

The IP address always contains 4 blocks of numbers, which are separated by period. Each block has potential ranges from 0 to 255, which means that each block has 256 potential values. For example, IP address looks like Three ranges from these addresses have been reserved for special purpose. The first address is related to the default network and are called Broadcast Addresses. The third address is the loopback address, and it shows your own machine or computer.



Version of IP Address

1.  IP version 4 (IPv4)

Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is the fourth version of Internet Protocol (IP), which is used to identify network devices. IPv4 addresses are 32 bits tall and support 4,294,967,296 addresses (although many of them are reserved for specific purposes, such as and and is a common example of an IPv4 address. The most easily identifiable IP ranges are –, because these addresses we use at home or office.

2.  IP version 6 (IPv6)

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a new version of Internet Protocol. It was developed due to the anxiety of IPv4 addressing potential future due to the popular Internet growth. This is new and superior version of IPv4. It is also known as IPng. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is 128 bits long. Therefore, it supports 2 ^ 128 internet addresses, which are equivalent to 340.282.366.920.938. addresses. These are many addresses and they are more than enough to continue internet operations for a very long time.

Types of IP Address

1.  Private IP Addresses

When many computers or devices connect either to the cable or to the wireless, they create a private network. Within this network, a unique IP address is assigned to share files and resources to each device. The IP address of all the devices in this network is called private address.

2.  Public IP addresses

The public IP address is the ISP (Internet Service Provider). This allows your home network to be recognized in the outside world. This IP address is unique across the Internet. Public IP address can be static or dynamic. Static public IP address does not change and it is mainly used for accessing a service (such as an IP camera, FTP server, email server or remote access to the computer) or web hosting on the Internet. It has to be bought from ISP. On the other hand, dynamic IP address takes the available IP address and changes every time it is connected to the Internet. The maximum Internet user’s has a dynamic IP address for his computer, which is disconnected when internet is disconnect and get new IP address when reconnected.

How to check IP Address

Before checking IP address, we would like to tell you IP address works in two ways – First, to connect with internet and Second, to connect one device to another in Local Area Network or LAN. IP address which is used to connect through internet is known as Real IP address and which is used to connect through Local Network is commonly called as Private IP addresses. So here the question arises that if a device is connected to the Local Area Network and also connected to Internet then is the device have two IP addresses? So the answer is yes. Like if you are connected to the Internet using your BSNL broadband at your home, your router gives your device a private IP address which can be anything from to While BSNL also provides a unique IP address from DHCP to that router, with the help of which the router connects that computer to the Internet. This IP address is the real IP address. Now you have to check the IP address of this type of computer that is working with two IP addresses, you will be able to find both IP address windows on any computer or laptop. Let’s see how –

How to Check IP Address of Computer

You can check both IP address, like Private IP address & Public IP address. The way to checking is given below –

Check Computer’s Private IP Address

Method – 1 :

  • First of all open Control Panel in your computer and go to Network and Sharing Center in Network and Internet section.
  • Now you will see your network connections, Click on active network connection.
  • Now click on Details option. Here is your computer Private IP Address.



Method – 2 :

  • Press Win and R key on your keyboard for Run command, type cmd and click OK.
  • Type ipconfig on black screen, press Enter and now you’ll be able to see your computer’s Private IP Address on your screen.



Check Computer’s Public IP Address

  • First of all open your browser and ask what is my ip address from google.
  • Now google will be showing your Public IP Address.



How to check IP Address of Android Phone

  • First of all go to Setting in your Android Phone and click on About phone.
  • After going to About phone, click on Status.
  • After going to Status, you will see the IP Address of your Android Phone.



I hope you will like this post and I think that now you are knowing What is IP address and How to check it. If this post is useful for you then don’t forget to like and share it. If you have any query or suggestion related to this post then please comment. I’ll be very happy to answer your queries.

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