Whatsapp added Three New Features

Whatsapp added Three New Features

     In present time WhatsApp users increases day by day because WhatsApp messenger is a completely free messaging app that is owned by Facebook, and offers a way to securely connect and chat with its users. The entire communication process is encrypted by the end to end, which means that people do not have to worry about anything while using the app. WhatsApp is a platform where users can share messaging and photos and even business. To improve the experience of the WhatsApp, the company is constantly adding new features in WhatsApp.

     Instant messaging app WhatsApp has added many features in a few months. Recently, WhatsApp has added Three New Features that you should know about. There are more than 20 crores of users in India of WhatsApp. New features of WhatsApp include Swipe to reply, Dark Mode, Forwarded Message, and many features such as this year have been added. Some of these features are currently in beta phase of WhatsApp, which beta developers are using. Let’s know how these three functions work.

Swipe to Reply

This feature allows users to reply to any WhatsApp messaging easily by swiping. The iOS users were already using this feature for this. Now this feature can be used by Android users. The most important thing about this feature is that you do not have to tap or hold to reply to the message now. You will just have to swipe once the message arrives and you can easily reply to the message. The company owned by Facebook has said about this feature that this feature is part of WhatsApp’s beta version 2.18.282.

Dark Mode

Now let’s talk about WhatsApp’s Dark Mode feature, this feature has been rolled out for both Android and IOS. Through this mode you will be able to use WhatsApp even at night. With this help you will not see much brightness on your eyes and in the eyes there will be no complaints of the strain. Along with this feature, your smartphone’s battery will also be safe with the help of this feature.

Forwarded Messages

In the past, the spread of WhatsApp message found some incidents of communal clashes. Changes to the rules for sending and forwarding messages to WhatsApp You will not be able to forward more than 5 messages at a time. Besides, if you forward a message, the receiver gets to know that the message is forwarded. WhatsApp has given more power to any group’s admin too. Now without the approval of the Group Admin, no one will be able to send a message or change the icon of the group. If a message is sent to the group then two options will come – only the group admin or all members.

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