Write Hindi Without Typing on Keyboard

Write Hindi Without Typing on Keyboard

     Hello friends, today I will tell you how can you write in Hindi or any language only by speaking. That means whatever you say, it will be typed directly. If you work on a computer and there is a lot of typing work in it and If you get annoyed by typing the whole day, then this will be a very easy way for you. Many people do not have to type in Hindi language. Then this method can be very easy for them. And one good thing is that for this, You do not have to install any external software into your computer. 

     You just have a microphone or ear phone with a mic and also have a good net speed. If the speed of the net is good then the computer will be easy to type, otherwise it will be stopped some times. Now friends let us start typing without keyboard. There are two ways to do this.

Method 1 :-

First of all open your Chrome Browser (This feature is only available in Chrome browsers) and Click on ‘Apps’ Button in left corner.


After Clicking on App Button, this page is open and Click on Docs’

After clicking on ‘Docs’ Button this page is open, You can choose any one of these option. If you want a Blank Page click on ‘Blank’

After clicking on ‘Blank’, this page is open, This page will look exactly like the Microsoft Word Page. In this windows you have to go ‘Tools’ option and click on ‘Voice Typing’, after doing this, you will see this page. In this page you can select your language (Red up Arrow). You have to connect your Microphone or Earphone & Click on Mic Button (Red down Arrow).

After this setting, you just have to say that, computer will automatically keep typing after listening to your voice. Just the speed of your net should be good. After that you can save it. If you want any customization, you can do it freely like as Microsoft word. After typing, click the mic button if typing is complete, you can stop it by clicking on the mic button and if you want to write it again, It can be done again. Your page will look like this while typing.

After typing you can save this file in the Microsoft word (.docx) file formate. To save your file, you will have to go into File option. In it you will see Microsoft Word (.docx) in the Download as option, you have to click on it, after which your file will be saved. You can also save your file in other formats which is show as below.

Now your typing work has been completed in a very easy way.

Method 2 :-

Open your Chrome Browser again (This feature is only available in Chrome browsers) and Click on ‘Apps’ Button in left corner and then Click on Web Store.

This page will open in front of you after clicking on the web store. You have to type VoiceNote 2 in search option. You will see the VoiceNote II – Speech to text in front of you. In this page you have to click on ADD TO CHROME option.

After clicking on ADD TO CHROME option. This type of page will open in front of you. In this page you have to click on Add extension.

Now whenever you open Google Chrome, you will see an icon in the right side upper corner.

Whenever you click on that icon a new page will open like this. In the right side you will see a mic. Whenever you click on this mic, it will become a red color, which means your voice typing has been started. When you click again on this mic, typing will stop and you can save it easily.

   So friends, now you can do any type of typing work in these two ways very easily and in less time. I hope this post is helpful for you.

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